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Premium ciders for a refreshing drinking experience

Cider has been produced in Britain’s West Country for centuries and as its popularity has grown, so too has the diverse range of cider producers. Whether your customers prefer traditional cider production for a vintage taste, or a modern triple-filtered cider for a crisper drinking experience, our portfolio of cider producers offer a range of light, amber and niche cider options.

British heritage, international appeal

With their origins in the British West Country, our cider producers offer the very best traditional apple press and modern cider production methods. Grape & Grain is proud to bring to market a combined portfolio of bottled and canned ciders which suit international markets looking for both a slice of history and a refreshing, premium drinking experience.

Our independent cider brands

With over 200 years of crafting experience, Sheppy’s is one of the world’s oldest commercial cider brands. Standing alongside its vintage reserves is a range of exciting best-in-class tastes, all created through a combination of two-century-old blending techniques, rare crafting skill and the very best modern technology.

Synonymous with quality, Diamond is the true pioneer of premium cider, offering Diamond White triple-filtered white cider for a crisp and refreshing taste, alongside Diamond Black, dry amber artisanal cider with a slightly higher ABV.

A popular choice with Brits, with roots in the West Country, Star Cider produces a light, refreshing pale cider alongside a black, amber cider full of fruity flavour and character.

Want to import British cider?

Remember, we’re the export specialist of choice for distributors looking for hand-selected premium ciders from independent British craftsmen. We make importing quality alcoholic drinks stress-free, with a wealth of in-house services designed to navigate the logistical pitfalls of international importation.

Call our passionate team of export specialists today on +44 (0) 1453 732880.