Wandile Mabaso

Wandile Mabaso is the new, young and fresh Soweto born chef who is set to disrupt the culinary scene in Johannesburg. He obtained his culinary education in South Africa, trained in classical French cuisine in New York City and currently specialises in contemporary French haute cuisine where only the finest ingredients are used and treated with extreme perfection, attention to detail and complimented with creative presentation.

Wandile has ventured around the world in search of the experiences that have shaped his palette and the passion that his food exudes. He has cooked across Europe, Florida, New York City and now currently back in Europe cooking at the world renowned 2 Star Michelin restaurant, Le Meurice under legendary chef, Alain Ducasse in Paris.

Of all his experiences, Wandile views his 4 years in New York City as the most valuable. He had the opportunity to work at some of the finest French restaurants in Manhattan and was trained by highly talented French chefs including his mentor Chef Olivier Reginensi. He not only progressed to be the Sous Chef of Maison Kayser Restaurant Group but also got a taste of being in the business of food by helping the group open 7 restaurants within 2 years.

Wandile is currently excited to be learning from one of the greatest chefs in the world and also being identified as one of the ambassadors of French cuisine to South Africa. And when he is not in the kitchen, Wandile has a severe wanderlust and travels as often as possible, which enhances his flavour spectrum. This is complemented by the love of arts and culture, “I love getting lost “he says” getting lost and finding my way makes every step an exploration of new things.”