Kobus van der Merwe

Having worked as the Web Editor for Eat Out, Kobus van der Merwe followed his passion for the West Coast and for food, moving to Paternoster in 2009 to run a small family restaurant called Oep ve Koep. Kobus started the long road of researching, understanding and working with local plants and
ingredients way before foraging and wildcrafting exploded onto the culinary consciousness. His intensely local and seasonal focus has developed a cuisine that completely embodies and evokes the wild and dry West Coast. He opened his own highly acclaimed restaurant, Wolfgat, in 2017 where his
cooking pays homage to local techniques and ingredients, but never imitates, becomes fusion food, or compromises on sustainability. He weaves together local plants, seaweeds, seafood, regional traditional ingredients and a modern approach that showcases often challenging wild flavours with
impeccable restraint and skill.