Dr Serge Raemaekers

Dr Serge Raemaekers is a specialist in fisheries management systems, works on several fisheries research, training and consultancy projects through his academic position in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
His research work engages with systems thinking and fisheries governance practice with the aim to recommend governance models and management approaches that are more applicable to small-scale fishers ‘realities. His interests are small-scale fisheries governance, co-management, fisheries information systems, socio-economic research, Climate Change vulnerabilities and adaptation, and community participation and conservation.

He works closely with fishworkers and fisher leaders along the coast as he aims to champion and transform stakeholder driven processes of knowledge generation. Most of his work is centered on social learning processes with local small-scale fishers, with the aim to ensure that the communities’ knowledge; needs and vision are adequately captured and incorporated in any planning and decision-making processes.
In 2015, Dr Raemaekers launched the ‘Abalobi’ initiative in South Africa (
Dr Raemaekers leads the research and development process of Abalobi, from natural and social sciences to research on Information and Communication Technologies that can empower fishers in all aspects of small-scale fisheries governance, and most notably enable fishers to be stewards of marine resources.