The Authentic South African Experience


The closing date for the Wine & Food Tourism Awards is 30 June 2019



Administration cost per entry: R750 plus VAT (See banking details here)

  • Entrant information

  • Details of Authentic SA Experience being entered

  • Please upload upto 3 client testimonials

    This section can help to improve your application

  • Some of the elements judges may consider:

    • Does authenticity come alive in the experience?
    • Does it promote our cultural heritage through food and wine?
    • Does the experience resonate with the venue/establishment?
    • Is the experience ongoing/consistent for all visitors?
    • Why do they think it is an Authentic SA Experience?
    • Pictures are useful – pictures to be included in application or called for.
    • Any marketing material – digital or print – to be loaded.
    • A short video clip link (less than 3 minutes) to really get a feeling – especially if sound & movement is an integral part of the experience can be loaded.
    • Testimonials/feedback/evidence of positive responses/success from customers can be included.

    Please let us know the details of how the admin fee of R600 plus VAT was paid.

    Please use the reference: w&ftawards (and your name)