Service Excellence


The closing date for the Wine & Food Tourism Awards is 30 June 2019


Administration cost per entry: R750 plus VAT (See banking details here)

  • Entrant information

  • Details ofthe service excellence being entered

  • Please upload upto 3 client testimonials

    This section can help to improve your application

  • Some of the elements that the judges may consider:

    • Seamlessness: Welcome, experience, departure, all should feel effortless
    • Attitude and personal appearance/body language: Also ease of communication
    • Sureness: In engagement and information, general efficiency
    • Salesmanship: Not upselling, but informing you of salient offers
    • Reading the customer and getting timing right: e.g. reading mood at table/lessening interruptions
    • Training: Knowledge of product and and technical prowess in service – also proficient use of any equipment
    • Professional in execution according to the class of experience: e.g. in food: informal-relaxed, to bistro-style, to fine dining gourmet-style each with appropriate service approach
    • Sense of being organized
    • Flexibility: How problems are dealt with
    • Sense of Hospitality and going the extra mile: receiving the customer as if person is visiting your home, guest leaves with a desire to return and a lasting positive memory; follow-up?

    Please let us know the details of how the admin fee of R600 plus VAT was paid.

    Please use the reference: w&ftawards (and your name)