The closing date for the Wine & Food Tourism Awards is 30 June 2019


Administration cost per entry: R750 plus VAT (See banking details here)

  • Entrant information

  • Details of innovation being entered

  • Please upload upto 3 client testimonials

    This section can help to improve your application

  • Some of the elements judges may consider:

    • Description of what is new/innovative/original including an explanation/more detail if it is an improvement on an existing product and comparison of product against usual/normal examples in market.
    • Description of how the innovation helps solve a problem, addresses an unmet need or opportunity. This could be both from a business and a consumer lens.
    • What are the benefits and/or impact of the innovation? This will be assessed within the business by asking the question how the innovation has improved the intrinsics and in what way. Can be: Economic/social/experiential/environmental impact/other
    • There should be an element of uniqueness that addresses a challenge or meets a need. Entrants to offer examples of similar innovations if they know of any.

    Please let us know the details of how the admin fee of R600 plus VAT was paid.

    Please use the reference: w&ftawards (and your name)