Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson is the General Manager of Contiki in South Africa, and recently celebrated nine years with the brand.

Kelly has almost 20 years of experience within the travel & tourism industry – having studied travel and tourism, and worked her way through various sectors of the industry ranging from a junior domestic travel consultant, wholesale sales representative, business development manager, and senior contracting manager, before settling into the world of sales & marketing with the world’s leading youth brand – Contiki.

Kelly’s career has taken her to live and work abroad in Switzerland, London and Dubai.

When she is not exploring the world, meeting new people and indulging in the amazing cuisine abroad (complete foodie), she enjoys running (okay, let’s be honest, a brisk walk – but she has to work off all that food.) Chocolate and wine are two other passions in life. She loves laughing and exploring. As a Virgo she is organised and not spontaneous – although, when she travels on Contiki she steps outside of her comfort zone and tries things she would never do at home – paragliding, canyoneering, and zorbing! A firm believer of the WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER philosophy.